Our History

The idea for Mango Ibis came from one small business in particular, but one that serves as a great example for the challenges facing many small businesses. Observing the business' owner manage day-to-day operations from sunrise to sunset, Mango Ibis recognized the owner wanted to expand marketing and develop an online presence, but had no time or experience to know where - or when - to begin. What this small business, like many others, lacked was a marketing department. Thus, Mango Ibis became a marketing and online communications department for many small businesses and business-minded individuals.

From websites and social media marketing to brochures and writing, Mango Ibis can tailor the right package of services to help create a professional image that allows smaller businesses compete in the marketplace against bigger competitors. Who says bigger is better?

Shannan D. Powell

Founding Director

Shannan D. Powell began her career in 1995 as a freelance writer specializing in sports journalism and commercial copywriting, which combined her belief in the power of small businesses with her passion for communication. She understands the challenges facing businesses today, primarily because she is a small business owner herself. Follow her blog at www.shannandpowell.com for the latest news in communication, small business and design.

Be Social.

Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter give you a chance to carry on conversations with your customers. Let us help you increase customer service while establishing a solid reputation.

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